Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #816: In Thine Own Ways, O God Of Love

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816 (L.M.) Isaac Watts

In Thine own ways, O God of love,

We wait the visits of Thy grace,

Our souls' desire is to Thy name,

And the remembrance of Thy face.

My thoughts are searching, Lord, for Thee

'Mongst the black shades of lonesome night;

My earnest cries salute the skies

Before the dawn restores the light.

Look, how rebellious men deride

The tender patience of my God!

But they shall see Thy lifted hand,

And feel the scourges of Thy rod.

Hark! the Eternal rends the sky,

A mighty voice before Him goes:

A voice of music to His friends,

But threat'ning thunder to His foes.

"Come, children, to your Father's arms,

Hide in the chambers of My grace,

'Til the fierce storms be overblown,

And my revenging fury cease.

My sword shall boast its thousands slain,

And drink the blood of haughty kings,

While heav'nly peace around my flock

Stretches its soft and shady wings."

Hymn #815 Hymn #817