Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #820: Dear Saviour! Let Thy Gracious Eye

Hymn #819 Hymn #821


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820 (C.M.)

Dear Saviour! let Thy gracious eye

In pity now look down,

While unto Thee for help we cry,

And all our vileness own.

Often beset with shame and fear

When we attempt to pray,

Or such confusions interfere,

We scarce know what to say.

Darkness and hardness, guilt and pride,

And Satan's craft and rage,

Make us our sinful faces hide,

And often fear t'engage.

Lord, let Thy mighty pow'r and love

Upon us be displayed;

Oh, send Thy Spirit from above,

And grant us timely aid!

Subdue these evils, dearest Lord!

Remove them far away,

And let Thy gracious help afford

Renewèd grace to pray.

Still, Lord, uphold us in Thy strength,

And we'll go on in pray'r

'Til we arrive in heav'n at length,

To praise our Saviour there.

Hymn #819 Hymn #821