Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #821: All Sects Contend That They Are Right

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821 (C.M.) Wilson Thompson

All sects contend that they are right,

And to the scriptures go;

They say they can in that good book

Their doctrine plainly show.

This I believe is mostly true;

By reading it I see

The Baptist with the Saviour here,

And there the Pharisee.

These sects of old are pointed out,

And could not then agree,

Yet each is well-described, we find —

Their doctrines we may see.

The Baptist stood in Jordan's stream;

The Saviour came to him,

And Jesus was immersed by John,

And so the Baptist came.

The Pharisees, as we are told,

God's counsel did reject,

And John and Christ they did refuse;

Baptism did neglect.

The Baptist points to Christ the Lord

Who takes away their sin;

The Pharisees to birth and works,

And look for life therein.

The Baptists trust in grace alone,

And love to praise their Lord;

The Pharisees are filled with fear,

And work to shun His sword.

The Baptists praise and love their King,

Who always is the same;

The Pharisees deride His grace

And preach up Tophet's flame.

These two in ev'ry age have been,

And still these two remain;

The Pharisees have many names;

The Baptists, still the same.

Hymn #820 Hymn #822