Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #824: Gentle Shepherd, Gently Lead Us

Hymn #823 Hymn #825


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824 ( Maria Straub

Gentle Shepherd, gently lead us,

Guide us through this earthly maze;

When in devious paths we wander,

Lead us in Thy peaceful ways;

When the dark clouds round us gather,

Shutting out the light of day,

Dearest Saviour, guide our footsteps,

Lead us gently in the way.

Gentle Shepherd, lead us onward,

Through a world of toil and strife;

Cheer us with Thy glorious presence,

On the battlefield of life;

Should some vision o'er our pathway,

Turn our erring feet astray,

Blessèd Guardian, be Thou near us,

Lead us gently in Thy way.

Gentle Shepherd, lead us ever,

In the way that we should go;

Turn, oh, turn our wand'ring footsteps,

From the paths that lead to woe;

And when earthly light is fading,

Into light of heav'nly ray,

Gentle Shepherd, lead us over

To the land of endless day.

Hymn #823 Hymn #825