Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #830: Dark And Thorny Is The Desert

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Dark and thorny is the desert

Through which pilgrims make their way;

But beyond this vale of sorrow

Lie the realms of endless day.

Dear young soldiers, do not murmur

At the troubles of the way.

Meet the tempest — fight with courage,

Never faint, but watch and pray.

Jesus, Jesus, will defend you;

Trust in Him and Him alone.

He has shed His blood to save you,

And will bring you to His throne.

There, on flow'ry fields of pleasure,

And the hills of endless rest,

Joy, and peace, and love shall ever

Reign and triumph in your breast.

But methinks a sweeter concert

Makes the crystal arches ring,

And a song is heard in Zion

Which the angels can not sing.

Who can paint these sons of glory,

Ransomed souls that dwell on high,

Who with golden harps forever

Sound redemption through the sky?

There, upon the golden pavement,

See the ransomed march along,

While the splendid courts of glory

Sweetly echo with their song.

Hail! You happy, happy spirits!

Welcome to the blissful plain!

Glory, honor, and salvation!

Reign, sweet Jesus! Ever reign!

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