Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #833: I Saw The Jewish Temple Purged

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833 (L.M.)

I saw the Jewish temple purged,

While men of business, not of prayer,

Fled from the place, by terror urged --

Jesus the Nazarene was there.

I saw the solemn fun'ral train,

The widowed mother's silent tear;

When lo! — she clasped her son again —

The Nazarene had touched his bier.

"Hadst Thou been here he had not died,"

The weeping, doubting sister said.

"Laz'rus, come forth!" the Saviour cried —

The Nazarene restored their dead.

I saw the crowds to fury giv'n;

What could such mortal madness mean?

Why imprecate the wrath of Heav'n?

Why crucify the Nazarene?

Silent the gentle suff'rer stood,

And pitying heard the frenzied cry;

"On us and ours be all his blood!" —

Jesus the Nazarene must die.

How devils smiled when Jesus bled!

Vain hope — they thought mankind were lost,

When bowing low His gentle head,

The Nazarene gave up the ghost.

But what amazement reigned in hell,

When Jesus, bursting from the grave,

Bade to the world this myst'ry tell;

"The Nazarene has died to save."

I saw the world consumed in flame;

The just from sin and sorrow free;

The wicked sink in endless shame —

Such was the Nazarene's decree.

I heard the trumpet long and loud;

Then straight a glorious form was seen:

He rode enthroned upon a cloud

'Twas the despisèd Nazarene.

I heard the happy heav'nly throng

Praise Him who bought them with His blood;

I heard the everlasting song:

"Jesus the Nazarene is God."

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