Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #835: Come, Children Of Heaven, And Help Us To Sing

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835 (

Come, children of heaven, and help us to sing

Loud anthems and praises to Jesus our King;

His life it was given our souls to redeem,

And bring us to heaven to dwell there with him.

Not angels in glory, nor cherubs above,

Can fathom the fountain of infinite love;

Their wisdom can't search it, they cannot tell why

The sovereign of angels for sinners should die.

In regions of darkness, death, sorrow, and pains,

We all lay in ruin, in prison, and chains;

But Jesus has bought us with His precious blood:

A ransom provided to bring us to God.

Why, then, should we wish still to stay here below,

When rivers of pleasure in Paradise flow,

Eternally streaming in exquisite bliss,

And still we are feeling our joy to increase?

Then come, my dear brethren, count all things but loss;

Your treasure's in heaven, don't shrink from the cross:

Ye fav'rites of heaven, dear lambs of the fold,

Though devils surround you, be faithful and bold.

Consider the dangers that lie in your way,

What snares and temptations in this evil day;

But this we must suffer, and patient endure,

Till Jesus shall take us where dangers are o'er.

Then with him in glory we shortly shall reign,

Delivered from sorrows, temptation and pain;

To join with the angels and spirits divine —

In Jesus' image eternally shine.

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