Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #836: Great God, My Maker And My King

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Glories of God

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836 (L.M.) Benjamin Beddome

Great God, my Maker and my King,

Of Thee I'll speak, of Thee I'll sing;

All Thou hast done, and all Thou dost

Declares Thee good, proclaims Thee just.

Thy ancient thoughts and firm decrees,

The threat'nings and Thy promises,

The joys of heav'n, the pains of hell,

What angels taste, what devils feel;

Thy terrors and Thy acts of grace,

Thy threat'ning rod and smiling face,

Thy wounding, and Thy healing word,

A world undone, a church restored —

While these excite my fear and joy,

While these my tuneful lips employ,

Accept, O Lord, the humble song,

The tribute of a trembling tongue.

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