Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #844: Now From The East, And West, And South

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844 (C.M.) Wilson Thompson

Now from the east, and west, and south,

And north, the saints repair

To meet the sons of God below,

And join in praise and pray'r.

Their voices join in concert sweet

The Saviour's praise to sing;

Their hearts rejoice to hear the fame

Of Christ, their glorious King.

To hear of peace and love and zeal

In all the churches 'round,

That truth prevails, and all the saints

Delight to hear the sound.

We hear of souls renewed by grace,

Who follow Christ the Lord;

And this delights the hearts of those

Who sound His grace abroad.

In social convocation now,

In love and union sweet,

May this association sit

At Christ our Saviour's feet.

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