Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #845: I Love The Sons Of Grace

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845 (S.M.) Charles Wesley

I love the sons of grace.

The heirs of bliss divine.

Who walk in paths of righteousness,

And fly from ev'ry sin.

They will my faults reprove

When heedlessly I err;

How do I prize their faithful love,

Their kind and tender care!

They Jesus' image bear —

How lovely is the sight!

They shall at length with Him appear

In everlasting light.

They love the Father's name

And gladly do His will;

They humbly follow Christ, the Lamb,

In righteousness and zeal.

Their footsteps I'll pursue

With vigor 'til I die,

Rejoicing in the pleasing view

Of meeting them on high.

It is a sweet employ

To join in worship here,

But how divine will be the joy

To see each other there!

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