Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #846: I Sought The Lord To Know

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The Church

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846 (S.M.) Wilson Thompson

I sought the Lord to know,

And learn His sov'reign will,

And asked Him why His church below

Was cloyed with waters still.

I think the Lord replied:

"These are but spies crept in

To see the freedom of my house,

And then go out again.

"When Zion numbers craves,

And flings her door too wide,

Then goats and wolves creep gently in,

But can't be satisfied.

"So feuds and troubles rise,

The church laments and grieves,

And feels a sharp reproving rod,

And learns by all she feels.

"She learns God's time is best

To bring his Isaacs in;

The number she by haste had got

Were Ishmaelites to grin.

"Now, troubled and confused,

She's tried for what she'd done,

But Ishmael forms an heirless sect —

The church is cleansed anon."

Hymn #845 Hymn #847