Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #96: And Have I, Christ, No Love For Thee

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96 (C.M.) Samuel Stennett

And have I, Christ, no love for Thee,

Nor passion for Thy charms?

Nor wish my Saviour's face to see

And dwell within His arms?

Is there no spark of gratitude

In this cold heart of mine,

To Him whose gen'rous bosom glowed

With friendship all divine?

Can I pronounce His charming name,

His acts of kindness tell,

And while I dwell upon the theme,

No sweet emotion feel?

Such base ingratitude as this,

What heart but must detest?

Sure Christ deserves the noblest place

In ev'ry human breast.

A very wretch, Lord, I should prove,

Had I no love to Thee:

Rather than not my Saviour love,

Oh, may I cease to be.

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